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Hello kitty themed cafe! Even though it wasn’t an official one, it was still pretty cute.

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Anonymous - sama: How do you keep your hair so voluminous?

It actually got more voluminous after bleaching LOL. Tbh that was one of the reasons why I wanted to bleach my hair haha, I never intended to go blonde but I ended up liking it so yolo. Also, after showering you can either blowdry your hair upside down till its dry to add oomph (use to do this before bleaching,but if you want to avoid heat for the sake of your hair you can try towel drying it! Requires a little more effort though) and after/or tie up your hair in a pig tail and leave it like that. Let it down the next day c:

I also use hair powder before school on dry hair. I believe it’s by Big Sexy Hair and runs about $14 a bottle. It’s a dry product, it doesn’t smell and adds a sort of volume to your hair. It’s also so much easier to style and it doesn’t feel greasy or makes your hair look wet or “dirty” like most hair wax do. 

Hope this helps!


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Anonymous - sama: Because I hate it as well, here's a little something for you, love: Good night, my friend! I know I don't say it often or, because I'm so damn introverted, not at all, but I'm happy I know you. I'm glad the world spun a certain way, that certain stars aligned and that I knew certain people so that I could stumble upon you. I look forward to many tomorrows with you & wait with silly dreams & a slow heart until a new day comes so that I can see what you're up to next. Sweet dreams dear friend :)

Thank you anon! <3 Likewise c: *even though I am posting this at 5:12 PM LOL*

Anonymous - sama: Excited for your bleaching/hair tips post on blogspot! I like how your blonde hair looks~! c:

Thanks! Roots are growing back so quickly though LOL

3 Things I’ve learned today:
- I’m glad I took speech class. I probably need it more than I thought. Sometimes, I don’t know how to control what I say and what I don’t say/shouldn’t say.
- Prepare for the worst. Thank goodness I have my charger, power bank, sanitizer, umbrella, napkins and utensils in my back pack at all times.
- Leave room in your schedule/life for your significant other, your friends, your family and yourself.